Breast Augmentation Recovery Week By Week: What To Expect

Knowing what to expect following a breast augmentation surgery is critical to a smooth and successful recovery. How well you handle your recovery and adhere to your post-op instructions also impact your results. That’s why it’s essential for women undergoing breast augmentation to empower themselves with details about the recovery process. You’re not alone if …

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FAQs: How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation

It is important to rest after any surgery, but for some surgeries, how you sleep is also important. When women have breast augmentation, they often have concerns about sleeping after surgery.  In this post, I will offer advice on how to sleep after breast augmentation as comfortably and cautiously as possible. Good Sleep After Breast Augmentation Is Vital …

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Breast Augmentation: How to Shop for the Best Bra for Your Breast Implants

Many women are excited to go bra shopping after their breast augmentation. My patients tell me that trying on new lingerie is one of the things they look forward to most. However, if you're like most people, you have some questions about buying bras after surgery. How long do you wait before buying new clothes? …

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5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

When I meet with women considering breast augmentation at my Gilbert, AZ, practice, their excitement about having more confidence in their bodies is mixed with just a bit of anxiety about recovering after the procedure. Fortunately, breast augmentation recovery is usually much easier than patients anticipate (especially for those who diligently follow post-op instructions). You …

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Swimming, Flying, Sleeping After Surgery: All Your Breast Augmentation Questions Answered

After your breast augmentation, you might be wondering when you can return to various everyday activities. I receive many questions about travel, exercise, and sleeping after breast augmentation from my Scottsdale-area patients. In order to create the best possible results, you need to take care of your body after surgery. Giving yourself proper time to …

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Is There A Right Season for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in America, and for good reason. Implants are an excellent way for women to add feminine curves and feel more confident in their bodies. One of the best parts of augmentation is being able to wear bikinis or tops that complement your new figure. And thanks to …

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FAQs from Patients: Self Care After a Breast Augmentation

For all the energy our Scottsdale breast augmentation patients devote to preparing for surgery — researching and finding the right surgeon, choosing implants, and deciding what they really want — we find that they often don't have as clear an idea of what happens after the procedure. When you head home after a breast augmentation …

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Your Guide to Working Out After Breast Augmentation

As a plastic surgeon serving Scottsdale, I recognize that our situation here is a bit unique. Our warm weather and year-round sunny skies keep many of us active and outdoors throughout all 4 seasons. While this is great for our bodies and our overall wellbeing, it can be a challenge for people who aren't used …

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