Contour TRL™ Laser Skin Resurfacing

The root of the word complexion is complex, meaning both combination and intricate. It is interesting that the word came to represent the appearance of one’s skin. To restore beautiful skin, the solution must address the combined, intricate features of the skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Olson offers laser skin resurfacing to people from Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and surrounding Arizona cities using the Contour TRL platform. The sophisticated erbium laser skin resurfacing treatment is a versatile med spa treatment option for addressing the complexities of skin health and beauty. He will evaluate your skin and formulate a treatment plan to renew your complexion.

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The Advanced Skin Lounge—the dedicated med spa of Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute—is proud to serve as the Official Med Spa of the Miss Arizona Pageant. Every year, contestants showcase their talent, leadership, and intelligence, demonstrating that beauty is more than skin deep.

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What Is Contour TRL?

Contour TRL (Tunable Resurfacing Laser), combined with the ZoomScan™ handpiece, is capable of a wide variety of treatment options. Contour TRL offers fewer side effects, better results, and shorter recovery times compared to more aggressive options, such as CO2 laser treatments.

With computer-controlled precision, the Contour TRL addresses both the skin’s outer layer as well as penetrating deeper to stimulate the production of new collagen. As an ablative laser, it removes the top layer of the epidermis to significantly reduce wrinkles, lines, texture concerns, and pigmented spots. It peels this layer away at a depth specifically tailored to you, leaving behind as much healthy skin as possible. Collagen is a fundamental building block of smoother, tighter, more resilient skin and a younger look overall.

What Are the Benefits of Contour TRL Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Imagine how radiant your skin could look if you could remove superficial layers of damaged, blemished skin with extreme precision while stimulating the growth of healthy new skin and collagen. Imagine gaining smooth, firm, glowing skin without surgery. These are among the benefits of laser skin resurfacing.

We can perform laser skin rejuvenation on virtually every part of the body, including the face, hands, arms, legs, chest, and back. Treatment can improve your skin by:

  • Diminishing acne and trauma scars
  • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Correcting sun damage and age spots
  • Evening out irregular pigmentation
  • Eliminating moles and birthmarks
  • Complementing facial surgery
  • Improving acne
  • Removing warts

In addition to Contour TRL, we also offer the Halo® fractional hybrid laser skin resurfacing treatment. Women and men with early signs of sun damage may benefit from a less intensive laser skin rejuvenation treatment called Clear + Brilliant®. You can also ask if treatment using Forever Young BBL™ (BroadBand Light) would be more effective for you.

Do You Offer Alternatives to Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

An alternative to laser skin rejuvenation, our Renuvion® skin resurfacing treatment provides complete skin rejuvenation with a single treatment. These treatments also provide skin tightening when used in the following areas:

  • Forehead and brows
  • Around the eyes
  • Lower face, including lip lines

Some patients prefer microneedling, which we offer using the Eclipse MicroPen™. This procedure uses tiny needles to create precise micro-injuries to the skin, stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin. Microneedling requires little to no downtime.

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How Much Does a Contour TRL Laser Treatment Cost?

The cost of laser skin resurfacing treatment depends on several factors, including the size of the treatment area, the condition being addressed, and the number of treatment sessions needed to produce optimal results. After your consultation, we provide a detailed cost estimate for you to review.

Is Contour TRL Laser Skin Resurfacing Painful?

This outpatient procedure involves minimal discomfort because the skin is numbed first. Patients usually say it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin with each pulse of the laser. After treatment, the skin feels warm similar to a sunburn.

How Long Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Take?

It usually takes about 30 minutes for a laser skin resurfacing treatment, but larger areas can take up to 2 hours. For complete results, you may require multiple treatments spaced several weeks apart.

What Can I Expect After Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing results in redness and peeling that vary with the intensity of treatment. Sometimes there is itchiness, swelling, discomfort, or crusting.

How Do I Take Care of My Skin After Laser Resurfacing?

After your procedure, protecting your skin is the top priority. You will be instructed to:

  • Apply ointments
  • Cleanse the skin regularly
  • Avoid perfumes and certain soaps

Protecting your skin from the sun is especially important for those in and around the Scottsdale-Phoenix area who have had laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Downtime usually requires a couple of days to a little more than a week. Treatments can be modified to suit your goals for aesthetic improvement and recovery time. Once your skin has healed, you can cover any remaining pink coloration or peeling with makeup.

Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Permanent?

Results do not last forever as the natural aging process cannot be stopped. To maximize the benefits of your treatment, take care of your skin by eating right, making sure you are hydrated, avoiding sun exposure, and sticking to a daily medical-grade skincare regimen.

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