Breast Augmentation Recovery Week By Week: What To Expect

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Knowing what to expect following a breast augmentation surgery is critical to a smooth and successful recovery. How well you handle your recovery and adhere to your post-op instructions also impact your results. That’s why it’s essential for women undergoing breast augmentation to empower themselves with details about the recovery process.

You’re not alone if you have anxiety or uncertainty about breast augmentation recovery time. We often hear questions like, “How soon can I exercise after breast augmentation? and “How quickly will I see my results?” That’s why we’re sharing an overview of breast augmentation recovery week by week, along with tips to help ease the process and enhance results.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

Although each patient’s recovery experience varies somewhat, here’s a general timeline of what you can expect after breast augmentation surgery.

Week 1

  • Surgical dressings remain in place for a few days
  • Take pain medications and muscle relaxants as directed
  • Bruising and swelling peak
  • Wear a post-breast augmentation bra to help reduce swelling
  • Soreness and stiffness may occur in the surgical area
  • Take short, gentle walks to boost circulation and prevent blood clots
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy

Week 2

  • You may return to work and resume non-strenuous activities roughly 5 to 7 days post-op
  • Most patients are ready to transition to over-the-counter medications for pain management
  • Natural scar tissue begins to form around the breast implants
  • Bruising and swelling gradually start to subside

Weeks 3 to 4:

  • Breasts begin to drop and settle into place
  • You may resume light exercise (but continue to avoid heavy lifting)
  • Most swelling and bruising resolves
  • Congrats, you can “retire” your surgical or compression bra

Weeks 5 to 6:

  • Incisions are almost fully healed
  • Breasts appear more rounded, natural, and symmetrical
  • Most patients are permitted to resume all activities and workouts (but listen to your body and do not overdo it)
  • You may be able to resume stomach or side sleeping (get the all-clear from your surgeon first)

3 to 4 Months Post-Op:

  • Hooray! Your final results are achieved
  • It’s time to go shopping for new outfits and swimsuits—you’re ready to show off the results of your procedure

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

As referenced earlier, the better informed and prepared you are, the smoother your breast augmentation surgery and recovery will be. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Plan ahead. We can’t stress this enough! Arranging for help with child care, household tasks, and work-related duties before your surgery will help you focus on rest and recovery.
  • Take care of yourself. Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated will ease and hasten healing and recovery.
  • Be patient. You may feel frustrated as normal activities are put on hold, but trust the healing process—it’s designed to deliver on your vision and results!

Most people find that their patience during recovery pays off with very satisfying results. You can see why in some of our patients’ before and after pictures below:

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 232 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 238 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 313 Left Oblique View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 375 Right Oblique View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Breast Augmentation

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