FAQs: How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation

It is important to rest after any surgery, but for some surgeries, how you sleep is also important. When women have breast augmentation, they often have concerns about sleeping after surgery.  In this post, I will offer advice on how to sleep after breast augmentation as comfortably and cautiously as possible. Good Sleep After Breast Augmentation Is Vital …

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Mommy Makeover: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Even women prepared for the physical changes caused by pregnancy can be surprised by just how different their bodies look after having children. And the fact that working out and healthy eating habits can't reverse some of those changes is frustrating. That's one reason mommy makeover surgery at my Scottsdale-area practices is so popular. Mommy …

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Considering Breast Augmentation? Here’s What to Expect

Breast augmentation patients at my Scottsdale-area practice often mention that although there's plenty of information available on the Internet about what goes on during surgery, they're more concerned about what happens before and after the procedure. In the spirit of patient education, I welcome these questions, and I understand that my patients have good reasons to …

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Breast augmentation before finishing having children? 3 reasons to schedule surgery and 3 reasons to hold off

This is probably the most common question I hear from women considering breast augmentation. Of course the answer will be different for each individual and it is not my place to push you in one direction or another but my hope is to inform you on what plastic surgeons know from previous studies and my …

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Welcome to Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute’s Blog

Coinciding with the opening of our practice in Gilbert, Arizona, and the launch of our new website, this is the first post on our new blog. Here's a little bit of what you can expect from us in the future. Stay Informed Through regular posts, we'll discuss a variety of topics to help keep you …

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