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Do Breast Lifts Last?

The most common questions that cosmetic plastic surgery patients ask involve cost, recovery, and how long they can expect the results to last. For breast lift patients at my Gilbert, AZ, practice, I explain that the answer isn't straightforward, but they can expect to have more youthful-looking breasts for years. Breast lift surgery is designed …

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Breast Augmentation vs Breast Lift? Or Both?

For women who know they want their breasts to look better but aren’t sure where to start, the choice between breast lift and breast augmentation procedures at our practice near Scottsdale, AZ, can be a confusing one. While both options are popular for their breast-enhancing abilities, each is designed to treat a slightly different set …

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Mommy Makeover: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Even women prepared for the physical changes caused by pregnancy can be surprised by just how different their bodies look after having children. And the fact that working out and healthy eating habits can't reverse some of those changes is frustrating. That's one reason mommy makeover surgery at my Scottsdale-area practices is so popular. Mommy …

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Breast Enhancement Options for Recent Mothers

I always enjoy consultations with women who have young children at home and are excited about restoring their pre-pregnancy bodies. Motherhood and breastfeeding are wonderful experiences, of course, but they often take a physical toll. I offer several procedures that can help mothers rejuvenate their breasts. There are 3 especially popular options for moms: breast …

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What size breast implants do I choose?

Choosing an implant should be an exciting part of preparing for breast enhancement surgery. For some it can also be an anxiety provoking decision, hoping not to decide implants that are too big or too small. Every plastic surgeon has their own protocol for choosing implants and I hope to further explain my process and …

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Breast augmentation before finishing having children? 3 reasons to schedule surgery and 3 reasons to hold off

This is probably the most common question I hear from women considering breast augmentation. Of course the answer will be different for each individual and it is not my place to push you in one direction or another but my hope is to inform you on what plastic surgeons know from previous studies and my …

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