Your Breast Augmentation Consultation: What to Expect

Your consultation for breast augmentation here at my practice near Chandler, Arizona is likely your first introduction to my staff and me — and it may even be your first experience with plastic surgery as a whole. As with any new experience, you may feel a little nervous beforehand, uncertain about what the experience will be like. Let’s take a moment to walk through a typical consultation.

Introductions, Forms, and Candid Talks

Your consultation begins much like any other doctor’s appointment. My office staff greets you and provides you with your patient information and health forms. After a brief time in the waiting room, you’ll meet with my patient care coordinator for a candid discussion of your current and past health status, as well as the treatment you’d like and the results you hope to achieve.

The patient care coordinator plays an integral part in each surgery I perform, and she helps support the practice as a whole. Because she is your first contact at the practice, she is really the one who helps you begin to articulate the results you really want.

For example, although the 2 women pictured here both wanted breast augmentation, one wanted a significant increase in size while the other was more dissatisfied with her post-baby breasts and wanted only a conservative boost.

This woman had breast augmentation near Gilbert, AZ to improve her breasts' volume and shape. This breast augmentation patient near Gilbert, AZ, wanted a boost after baby."

Meeting With Dr. Olson

Once you’ve begun to visualize your procedure with the patient care coordinator, it’s time to meet with me. I aim to tailor your consultation to your specific needs. Each of my patients is different, and her desires, lifestyle, and motivation for surgery lead the dialogue.

My role at this point is primarily evaluating your candidacy for surgery and talking through what’s possible, but it’s also important for you to evaluate me as your potential surgeon. Feel free to ask questions or share your concerns — none are too insignificant.

I’ll perform a brief physical examination to get a better sense of the dimensions of your body, as well as the condition of your breasts. We’ll also go over your implant options, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with sample implants and understand what makes each choice unique. (For a head start, check out some past advice on choosing breast implants.) There’s no need to come up with a final answer for every detail of your surgery during your consultation. Instead, it’s simply a good opportunity to get an overview of your candidacy and your likely results.

Then It’s in Your Hands

After our meeting, you’ll see the patient care coordinator one more time to further discuss the surgery. You have a few options at this point: book the surgery, schedule an additional appointment, or head home to think about your options and discuss your plans with your family.

There is no rush! If you need the time to consider everything, I urge you to take it. When you do decide to schedule a surgery date, I want to make sure you are fully prepared — and excited about your transformation.

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