Breast Augmentation

Each year, more than 300,000 women in the U.S. choose to enhance their figures through breast augmentation. Women in Chandler, Mesa, and surrounding communities visit board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Olson for breast augmentation in Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ because he creates natural-looking results and helps them feel better about their breasts and their femininity. Dr. Olson and his staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute will make every effort to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

Allow Dr. Olson to make your breast enhancement goals a reality. Request a consultation online or call our office in Scottsdale at (480) 423-1973 or in Gilbert at (480) 466-7355.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation

It's common for women to feel insecure about the shape or size of their breasts. If genetics aren't to blame, pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations and menopause can detract from the size and shape of your breasts. Most women simply wish to restore or enhance the symmetry of their body contours with fuller yet natural looking breasts. Dr. Olson's patients typically want to:

  • Increase volume
  • Restore breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss
  • Improve shape
  • Balance the size of uneven breasts
  • Boost confidence and femininity

Many women undergo breast augmentation as part of a mommy makeover, in which Dr. Olson combines procedures for the breasts and body to restore a woman's pre-pregnancy figure.

Complete the Look

Enhancing a single aspect of your appearance can inspire you to address other areas you wish to improve. Ask Dr. Olson about combining your treatment for a more complete and stunning transformation.

Breast Lift Liposuction Mommy Makeover

Your Choices

You will make many decisions about surgical options and breast implants when planning your breast enlargement procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Olson's patients have the advantage of his years of experience and training to guide them.

Dr. Olson and his staff respect your confidentiality and personal decisions. They provide a private, comfortable setting in which you can feel confident about discussing your goals and concerns regarding breast enlargement.

Remember, every woman is unique, so one option is not necessarily better than another. Dr. Olson will help you select the best solutions for your body type, your lifestyle, and your goals. Many women also choose to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift most commonly after weight loss or breast feeding.

Implant Placement

During a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Olson creates a pocket for the implant. That pocket is either behind the breast tissue and in front of the chest muscle (subglandular placement) or behind the muscle (submuscular placement). Each option has benefits.

Subglandular: This is a suitable choice for those who already have adequate breast tissue. Patients who have subglandular placement generally experience less discomfort during recovery than patients who have submuscular implants.

Submuscular: There are several benefits to placing the implants behind the chest muscle:

  • Implants are well concealed, so there's less chance of visible rippling.
  • The results typically look more natural with a smoother transition from the chest to breast mound.
  • The muscle offers more long-term support for the implants and decreases the chances of implants sagging.
  • There is a lower risk of capsular contracture, a complication that occurs when scar tissue hardens around the implant.
  • Mammograms may be easier to read accurately.

Incision Techniques

Dr. Olson uses 3 types of incisions to perform breast augmentation. He informs patients about the benefits and drawbacks of each before they make a decision.

Inframammary fold, or IMF: This small horizontal incision goes just above or within the crease where your breast skin connects to your chest. With this approach, a surgeon can clearly see all the tissues as he creates a pocket where the implant will go. This is the most common incision and offers consistent results regardless of the implant size or material. Scars are concealed beneath the breasts and under clothing and swimwear.

Periareolar: This incision goes on the outer border of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. Any scar is often hidden by the darker skin of the areola. This approach may be recommended if you are combining a breast lift with implants. A periareolar incision is typically not an option for women with very small areolae.

Transaxillary: This incision goes in the armpit, so there is no scarring on the breast itself. Dr. Olson uses a small endoscope to create a pocket and place the implant with precision. This incision is better suited for saline implants because they aren't filled until after they are placed. It can be difficult to squeeze a silicone implant into place from this incision site.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

The price of cosmetic surgery — including breast augmentation — varies depending on a number of factors. The cost of an initial breast augmentation procedure (not revision surgery) at our practice ranges from $4,900 to $6,500.

The type of implant has an influence on the final cost: Saline implants are less expensive than silicone gel implants. Anatomically shaped implants ("gummy bears") also cost more than round silicone gel implants. When it comes to your surgeon, it's important that your choice be based on more than the cost. Women searching for a breast augmentation specialist in the Scottsdale area choose to drive to Gilbert to have a board-certified plastic surgeon with Dr. Olson's training and experience perform the procedure.

Recovery & Results

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia, so you will need someone to drive you home. Preparing your home before surgery will help make the recovery more comfortable. Most patients may return to work 5 to 7 days following surgery. Strenuous activities may be restricted for several weeks. Dr. Olson may prescribe pain medication for the first week and muscle relaxants to aid recovery. After 5 days, many patients are comfortable with only ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Final results emerge over the course of 3 to 4 months as swelling subsides and the implants "settle" into a natural shape and position.

For more information on breast augmentation by Dr. Olson, visit our Breast Augmentation FAQ page.

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