Choosing Breast Implants With Ease

Learn what your options are for breast implants at Dr. Josh Olson’s Scottsdale-area practice.

If you’re just beginning your breast augmentation research, you may be pleased — and a little overwhelmed — to know that you have many more decisions to make than simply choosing your implant size. I realize that the choices can be daunting for patients, which is why I recently added a page to my site which details the options for breast implants at my Scottsdale-area practice.

Factors such as an implant’s volume, shape, projection, and texture can all affect a woman’s results, and that’s why I believe thorough patient education is an important first step toward a achieving great breast augmentation outcome. The more knowledge a patient has about each of these factors, the better equipped she is come decision time.
Some guidelines for breast augmentation can be confusing or even counterintuitive. For example, while “high-profile” implants may sound like they’re good choices for women with larger frames, they’re actually a bit better suited to petite women with narrow chests, because these implants are smaller at the base. Similarly, the question of implant size is one I spend a lot of time discussing with my patients. Many are surprised to know learn that the same size of implants can look vastly different on 2 different bodies.

If you’re uncertain about the best implant options for yourself, I urge you to use online resources to educate yourself about different options that exist. Then I invite you to schedule a consultation with me, where you can learn about how each of those options applies to your unique body and goals. Together, we’ll work toward a solution that meets your needs and gives you the long-lasting results you envision.

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