QUIZ: What’s the Best Breast Implant Option for Me?  

Breast augmentation surgery involves several decisions that allow you to customize your procedure. Yet, one pivotal decision stands out among your choices: silicone or saline. The "Is saline or silicone better" debate is about both aesthetics and what feels right for you. This post will compare the features of saline and silicone options to help …

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Breast Augmentation: The “Natural Look” Is In

The stigma around plastic surgery has faded in recent years, but a few old stereotypes still remain. When some people think of breast augmentation results, they picture overfull breasts that look "worked on." In reality, the “natural look” is very popular among my patients from Scottsdale, Gilbert, and beyond. Most women want a feminine boost …

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Treat Yourself with Gummy Bear Implants

I see many breast augmentation patients at my Gilbert, AZ, area practice, so I understand all the choices women have to make before surgery.  There are multiple issues to consider when choosing breast implants. And if you feel overwhelmed when looking at your options, you’re definitely not alone. While all implant styles and materials have …

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