How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

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When it comes to body contouring options, many patients love liposuction as a “spot treatment” to smooth away unwanted fat on the face and body. It is highly versatile and highly effective, but is it also highly expensive? If you are wondering “how much does liposuction cost?” and trying to make sense of the different factors that can affect the price, you’ll find what you need to know in this post.

Types of Liposuction & Their Costs

At Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute, liposuction typically starts at $3,500 to $4,500 per treatment area, although that partly depends on the type of liposuction performed. Different types of liposuction carry different costs, and we offer three liposuction methods:

  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Suction-assisted liposuction (SAL)
  • VASERlipo® ultrasound-assisted liposuction

VASERlipo is a more modern, advanced technique that uses ultrasound to liquefy fat before removal. It is generally more expensive than tumescent or suction-assisted (traditional) liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction uses a saline and analgesic solution to numb the treatment area and firm the fat to make it easier to remove. Its traditional counterpart, SAL, manually dislodges the fat without using a special solution. SAL typically requires a general anesthetic, which adds extra expense compared to the other options.

Before & After Liposuction Case 79 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction
Before & After Liposuction Case 266 View #3 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction
Before & After Liposuction Case 81 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction

Other Factors Affecting Liposuction Cost

  • Treatment area: Different areas, such as the stomach, chin, thighs, or back, may require varying levels of expertise and time due to their unique characteristics. For example, liposuction on smaller areas like the chin may be less expensive than treating larger areas like the stomach. The overall complexity of the procedure can ultimately affect the final price.
  • Expertise of the surgeon: The experience and skill of the surgeon performing the liposuction can significantly impact the cost. Highly experienced surgeons often command higher fees, but their expertise often leads to better results and reduced risks. Always prioritize the quality and safety of the procedure over cost savings when selecting a surgeon.
  • Anesthesia: Liposuction can be performed under different levels of anesthesia, from local anesthetic to general anesthetic. The type of anesthetic used affects the cost, with general anesthetic typically being more expensive due to the involvement of an anesthesiologist and additional monitoring.
  • Recovery: Postoperative care and recovery also contribute to the overall cost. This includes the use of compression garments, wound care supplies, pain medication, follow-up appointments, and time off work. These expenses can add up, so it’s essential to budget for them accordingly.

Combining Liposuction With Other Procedures

Combining your liposuction with another procedure, such as Renuvion® skin tightening or a Brazilian butt lift, also affects the total cost. The advantage of combining procedures is that you only pay certain fees (like facility costs and anesthesia) once and will need only one recovery period to get your desired results.

Before & After Liposuction Case 87 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift
Before & After Brazilian Buttock Lift Case 292 Left Side View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift
Before & After Liposuction Case 204 View #1 View in Gilbert, AZ
Before & After Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift

Does Insurance Cover Liposuction?

In most cases, liposuction is considered an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered by health insurance. However, if liposuction is performed for medical reasons, such as removing lipomas or treating a condition like lymphedema, insurance may cover part or all of the cost. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for specific details.

Liposuction Financing Options

If the cost of liposuction seems daunting, financing options are available to make the procedure more affordable. CareCredit®, for instance, is a popular health care financing platform that offers flexible payment plans. With CareCredit, you can spread the cost of liposuction over manageable monthly payments, allowing you to achieve your aesthetic goals without straining your budget.

Get Started

Although cost is an important part of your decision, it’s not the only consideration. Learn about these other factors in our related blog post. Our before-and-after photo gallery can also prepare you for the type of results you can expect from this procedure.

If you’re ready to achieve the body you desire, request a consultation or call us at (480) 466-7355 to set up an appointment today. Your dream body may be closer and more affordable than you think!

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