Breast Enhancement Options for Recent Mothers

Learn about your breast enhancement options in Scottsdale

I always enjoy consultations with women who have young children at home and are excited about restoring their pre-pregnancy bodies. Motherhood and breastfeeding are wonderful experiences, of course, but they often take a physical toll. I offer several procedures that can help mothers rejuvenate their breasts. There are 3 especially popular options for moms: breast augmentation, breast lift, and a combination of both.

At my Scottsdale-area practice, I recommend what I consider the best approach after listening to a patient describe the results she desires and performing a thorough physical exam. For example, if a woman says she’s satisfied with the size of her breasts but wants them to be perkier, a breast lift is probably the best option. If a woman doesn’t have much sagging but wants larger breasts, augmentation with implants is probably best.

However, some degree of breast sagging is very common among mothers, whose breasts have typically changed in size and been through breastfeeding. Patients sometimes ask if they can remedy this sagging through breast augmentation alone. But breast implants don’t lift the breasts. In fact, the additional volume tends to cause breasts to sag even more if the skin is stretched and lax. This is why combining a lift with implants is a great option, especially for mothers whose breasts are deflated and showing signs moderate or severe “ptosis” — a clinical term to describe sagging breasts.

Another good option that goes beyond treating only the breasts is mommy makeover surgery. This procedure is becoming more popular in the Scottsdale area and elsewhere as moms realize the benefits of this customized combination procedure. A mommy makeover combines breast enhancement surgery with a tummy tuck to repair abdominal muscles stretched by pregnancy, as well as other components such as liposuction. Combining the surgeries means patients have only a single recovery and pay certain fees, such as the surgical facility and anesthesiologist fees, only once.

Cosmetic surgery can help restore confidence in a body changed by pregnancy. That’s one of the main motivations I hear from moms who come in for consultations. But it’s critical to consult with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

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