Which Injectable Treatment Is Right for You? Take Our Quiz!

woman happy with her face after injectables

Patients sometimes express surprise about the number of options they have when getting injectable treatments. Not all that long ago, aestheticians used just a couple of workhorse dermal fillers in several areas of the face. Now, if someone wants lip injections at our med spa in Gilbert, AZ, we can recommend a filler specifically formulated for lip augmentation.

Beyond fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® injections treat “dynamic” wrinkles—sometimes called expression lines—that develop after years and years of squinting, frowning, showing surprise, and making a multitude of other facial expressions.

For many patients, deciding which injectable treatment is right for them often involves more than one option. Combining different fillers with BOTOX, for example, produces full facial rejuvenation that is sometimes called a “liquid facelift.” Other patients, however, want to target a specific concern, such as thin lips or crow’s feet, so their choices are more clear-cut.

So, how do you know which injectable treatment is right for you? The best way is to request a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals with Dr. Olson or our expert nurse injector, Krista Arredondo.

Before coming in for your consultation, you can take our quiz to get an idea of whether BOTOX or fillers are right for you.

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