Should You Tell Others You’ve Had Liposuction?

Should You Tell Others You’ve Had Liposuction?

Considering a major plastic surgery procedure like liposuction in Scottsdale, AZ involves many important decisions: whom to choose as your surgeon, what area of the body to treat, and what liposuction technique to choose. But another major decision is deciding if you should tell others you’ve had liposuction.

I have clients who love telling their friends and family about their experience. I also have others who want to maintain their privacy. What you do or don’t share is ultimately up to you–and neither is right nor wrong.

No matter which path you choose, here are some things to consider:

Liposuction Is Not as Obvious as You Think

For those who’d rather fly under the radar, the good news is liposuction isn’t something everyone will notice. Many of my patients say that they are happily surprised when they return to work and their co-workers ask, “Did you lose weight?” rather than, “Did you have something done?”

If you prefer to be discrete, here are a few additional tactics to keep it subtle:

  • Consider making another visible change at the same time. You can distract from your new figure by changing up some other aspect of your appearance. Sometimes people will get a new haircut, change their makeup, or apply self-tanner to keep the focus off their slimmer physique.
  • Be mindful of the timing and season. Many women and men have liposuction done a few months before important events or holidays. This gives them enough time to recover and also gives the appearance of natural weight loss.

You Don’t Have to Share with Everyone

Sharing your story doesn’t mean you have to tell the world. If you feel comfortable enough, there is always the option of telling only a few close friends in your inner circle. This is especially true if you know your results are going to be a significant change, because the people who know you best are more likely to notice. By letting close friends and family members know beforehand, they won’t be caught off-guard later.

You Can Be Loud and Proud

In the age of social media and selfies, some people choose to make their plastic surgery procedure public knowledge. Take Chrissy Teigen, for example. She had no problem sharing with her social media followers that she’d had armpit liposuction—a procedure some people might want to keep to themselves.

But Teigen wasn’t shy about her decision, and many people aren’t. If you had a positive experience and want to share it with a wide audience, you should. You might even help someone else who is also considering making this important decision.

No matter what procedure you’re considering, remember that the decision you make about sharing your story is the right choice because it’s your choice. And if you’re still in the process of weighing your options, read our blog post Preparing Now for Liposuction Later and browse through our liposuction before-and-after photos.

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