Breast Implant Research: What’s Important to Know?

Breast Implant Research: What’s Important to Know?

Research is important before any major purchase, including plastic surgery. Potential breast augmentation patients from Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and other AZ communities frequently tell me that with so many breast implant options to choose from, research quickly crosses the line from “helpful” to “overwhelming.”

It’s important to think of your breast augmentation as more of a work of art than a meal order at a restaurant. You don’t need to have every detail of your procedure nailed down before your first visit. In fact, your initial consultation is the appropriate time to ask questions about implant size, type, incision, and placement. We’ll discuss your best options using your body type and desired results as our guide. Most patients actually prefer this collaborative process, and I’ve found that approaching breast surgery in this way yields happier patients and more attractive results.

Understand the Basic Differences

If you are doing upfront research, keep in mind that various types of implants behave differently in individual patients. If you read a testimonial online that mentions a specific implant size, shape, or projection, remember that those specific features may not create the same results for you. Every woman’s body and situation are unique.

Getting the Look You Want

Before your consultation, I recommend focusing more on the overall look you want rather than getting into specific details about the implants themselves. It can be helpful to bring along photos of breasts you like—whether you find them on a plastic surgeon’s photo gallery or simply in a magazine. This can give me an idea of the overall aesthetic you’re looking for, whether it’s subtle and natural or voluptuous and attention-grabbing.

Think About Your Wardrobe

In addition to how you want to look, you should also consider the types of clothes you enjoy wearing or want to enjoy wearing.

To illustrate, consider that dressing modestly can be a challenge with bigger breasts. Many women with large breasts say they feel exposed or revealing in something as simple as a V-neck top. For others, even button-up shirts are out of the question because that type of clothing can gap or pull to reveal skin or undergarments.

Give serious thought to your favorite outfits and the aspirational clothes you’re eyeing for after your surgery, and be honest with yourself. Plastic surgery should help you realize your true self, not create discomfort in your own skin.

Plan for Your Long-Term Lifestyle

This segues nicely into another point that’s very important to consider: your lifestyle. Here in Arizona, we’re lucky to have easy access to some of the country’s greatest outdoor spaces and their associated activities. If you like to stay moving, you may take your small breasts for granted. Be realistic about the type of life you want to live after your surgery, and consider how large breasts may affect your lifestyle. By communicating clearly with your surgeon—and yourself—you can create a result that’s uniquely you and right for the lifestyle you enjoy

Let’s work together to plan your own breast augmentation. Contact my office to schedule your visit!

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