Breast Augmentation Revision Is Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Woman considers breast augmentation revision surgery.

Breast implants are not designed to last forever. While today’s implants endure much longer than those from years past, breast augmentation revision can still be expected after 8 to 10 years. I have good news for those who received implants around a decade ago: there’s no reason to fear this natural part of the surgery process.

I perform many breast augmentation revision surgeries for my Scottsdale-area patients. And there are multiple benefits that patients can expect when it comes time for revision surgery.

Upgrading implants

Implants have changed a lot in the past few decades. There are now more sizes, shapes, and materials than ever before. Highly cohesive silicone gel implants (also known as “gummy bear implants”) are a newly popular choice for those who prefer a subtle, more natural look. Traditional saline or silicone options remain excellent options for those who were satisfied with the feel of their previous implants.

During revision surgery, patients who previously had saline can now switch to silicone, change to a different cup size, or try any other customizable detail. Ask your doctor which implant options will work best with your own personal goals.

Relief from previous complications

While the majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with their results, complications occasionally happen. Surgery may be necessary in these cases. Revision can correct issues such as implant asymmetry, rippling, or wrinkling. Capsular contracture or implant rupture are other reasons women may undergo breast augmentation revision.

An experienced surgeon will be able to treat these problems and help restore the breasts’ original shape and appearance. If you received less-than-satisfying results at another practice in the past, you can trust our experienced team to make things right.

Improve appearance

We all change over time. After living with implants, you have a better idea of what styles and profile you prefer. The kind of implants you enjoyed in your 20s may no longer feel right heading into your 40s. Age can also cause a lack of skin elasticity, which can make larger implants sag and droop, so you may prefer to go with a small implant size this time.

During breast augmentation revision, you can change your implants for a look that better suits your current lifestyle and preferred tastes. These alterations can help you look more youthful and give a boost to your breasts.

For those considering new implants, remember: revision surgery is often more complicated than the original breast augmentation procedure. Because of this, be sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to help create safe, satisfying results. By making a few thoughtful choices before revision surgery, your new implants will appear as timeless and flattering as possible.

Browse our breast augmentation revision before-and-after photos to see examples from our real Scottsdale-area patients. If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation revision from a plastic surgeon in Gilbert, AZ, request a consultation online or call (480) 466-7355.

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