6 Factors That Affect the Cost of Breast Augmentation

Woman holding breast implantsIt probably comes as no surprise that one of the first questions patients ask is about the cost of their procedure. This is true regardless of the patient’s budget, and we always explain the various factors influencing the cost of breast augmentation.

The average price of breast augmentation surgery at my Gilbert, AZ, practice ranges from $6,500 to $7,500.* Most patients find that a worthwhile investment in themselves, with 98% of the breast augmentation patients reporting to RealSelf that the procedure was “worth it.”

What Affects Breast Augmentation Costs?

Total surgery costs depend on the qualifications and experience of the plastic surgeon as well as the geographic location of the practice. Getting breast implants in Los Angeles is typically more expensive than what you’ll pay in Missoula, Montana, for example. But other factors affect the price you pay for breast augmentation too.

1. Timing

The time of year can play a role in the cost of breast augmentation and other body contouring procedures. Many people choose the winter to get implants because they typically have more time off and it’s a good time to wear layers of clothes—which makes it a good time to recover. You may actually find better prices in the spring or summer.

2. Type of implant

Saline implants are much less expensive than silicone implants, and smooth silicone implants are much less expensive than the textured silicone ones. Because textured implants are associated with a very rare form of lymphoma, few plastic surgeons offer them at this point. Even though the cost of the implant and how it relates to your budget is important, your personal preference about the look and feel of the implants should be the primary factor in the choice you make.

3. Type of anesthetic

Most breast augmentations are performed using a general anesthetic, but some surgeons may offer a local anesthetic plus sedation, which is a less expensive option. I use a general anesthetic when performing breast augmentation.

4. Time in the OR

One of the fees patients pay is for the time in the operating room. The time needed for breast augmentation is typically consistent, but if for some reason the procedure lasts longer than expected, the additional surgical time can increase the cost.

5. Fat transfer instead of implants

Fat transfer involves taking fat from another area of the patient’s body and using it to augment the size of their breasts. Harvesting the fat is done with liposuction, which increases the cost of the surgery. And, because the surgery involves 2 separate procedures, it takes longer to perform. Again, the time in the OR is an important factor in the total cost.

6. Post-op items

These aren’t big-ticket items (prescription pain medication, garment bras, and scar cream or silicone gel sheets) but they add up. It’s always good to know the “out-the-door” price before surgery.

How Does Price Play Into Choosing a Plastic Surgeon?

Although price is an important consideration, it’s not a good idea to choose a plastic surgeon based on the cost of the surgery. Your health and getting the results you love are too important. Instead, choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has a track record of safety and excellent results.

For a starting point in your search for a skilled surgeon, you can browse our gallery of before and after photos to see actual patients’ results. You can also learn more about choosing a plastic surgeon in our related blog post.

If you’d like to talk about your breast enhancement options with Dr. Olson, use our online contact form to request a consultation or call one of our offices at (480) 466-7355 to schedule an appointment.

*Average price in 2023. Your price may vary based on a variety of individual patient factors and other conditions.

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