Chemical Peels

Our skin becomes blemished and less resilient with sun exposure and age, but beneath our outermost layers of skin is healthy, young tissue. To reach this fresh tissue and rejuvenate our look, Dr. Josh Olson of the Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute offers chemical peel treatments for the Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and Gilbert areas. Chemical peels deeply exfoliate damaged facial skin and bring out your smoother, more youthful side.

Allow board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olson to make your skin rejuvenation goals a reality. Call our med spa in Gilbert at (480) 466-7355 or request a consultation online.

Your Skin, Renewed

Over time, we all develop imperfections on our skin. In many cases, we don't have to continue living with them. Dr. Olson can safely and effectively remove layers of marred skin using a chemical peel. As the old skin peels away, you are left with a smoother, clearer visage. Patients often add related facial treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation or injectable fillers. In some cases, patients considering a chemical peel may be better suited for microneedling treatments using the Eclipse MicroPen™. Microneedling helps restore a smooth, toned appearance to your skin and can be used for all parts of the face and body.

Chemical peels are used to refresh the skin of the face and offer the following benefits:

  • Diminish the appearance of some scars
  • Reverse the effects of sun damage
  • Balance uneven skin color
  • Smooth out fine to severe wrinkles
  • Enhance facial surgery

What to Expect

At Dr. Olson's med spa in the Paradise Valley area, he offers 2 main types of chemical peels:

  • Deep peel (phenol) – This peel is beneficial for treating deeper wrinkles and more severe imperfections. This procedure can cause some discomfort and requires a longer recovery, but it also offers more dramatic correction of skin concerns.
  • Light peel (TCA and AHA) – Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) offer varying degrees of lighter peels to treat more superficial blemishes. A lighter peel may be better for darker skin tones and requires less downtime.

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