So often, cellulite is thought of as a "fat" problem, but the cause is actually not fat at all. What's really to blame: small, fibrous bands of connective tissue under the skin that pull on it from below, creating dimples and an uneven skin surface. Cellfina makes such an effective cellulite treatment for our Gilbert, Arizona patients by releasing those bands and smooth out the skin.

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Your Procedure

The Cellfina procedure is nonsurgical, and it begins by numbing your treatment area with a local anesthetic. You will remain awake throughout the process.

Once your treatment area is fully numb, Dr. Olson uses the Cellfina handpiece to isolate areas of your thigh or buttocks where cellulite is present. The handpiece uses a very small microblade, which Dr. Olson inserts immediately below the skin. The blade precisely cuts the tissue bands that cause dimpling, releasing the tension and creating a smooth surface.

Because the Cellfina microblade is so small, there is no need for sutures. The areas will naturally heal on their own. The treatment lasts for about 1 hour, after which you may return home (you may drive yourself) to take it easy for the remainder of the day.

Leading the Way

Dr. Olson is the first physician in the East Valley to offer FDA-approved Cellfina. It's another example of using advanced techniques to help patients look and feel their best.

Your Recovery

After your treatment with Cellfina, you'll likely experience some soreness around your treatment area, similar to how you'd feel the day after an intense workout. Some patients feel well enough to go back to work, but others choose to take the rest of the day off to rest at home. It's a good idea to wait at least a week or so before you go back to the gym or engage in any intense lower-body exercise.

Your Results

Most patients report visible results in as little as 3 days after treatment, with improvement that continues to develop throughout the weeks that follow. The results of Cellfina are long-lasting, as well. In an FDA-cleared study published in 2015, 85% of patients who underwent a Cellfina treatment were still satisfied with their results after 3 months, and 94% were satisfied after 1 year.1 With proven results such as these, you can plan to show off that smooth, even skin for many beach days to come.

Are You a Candidate?

The best candidates for Cellfina are adults with bothersome cellulite on their buttocks or thighs. Because it's a minimally invasive treatment rather than a surgery or a medication, Cellfina is well-tolerated by most people. However, it's not a good fit for people who have bleeding disorders or are taking anticoagulant medications, are pregnant, or have infections or skin lesions near the treatment site.

During your consultation with Dr. Olson, you'll discuss your medical history at length to make sure that Cellfina is perfectly safe for you. If you're more concerned about fat than cellulite in the thigh region, CoolSculpting® or another body contouring option may be a better choice.

1pKaminer, Michael S. MD; Coleman, William P. III MD; Weiss, Robert A. MD; Robinson, Deanne M. MD; Coleman, W. Patrick IV MD; Hornfeldt, Carl PhD, Multicenter Pivotal Study of Vacuum-Assisted Precise Tissue Release for the Treatment of Cellulite, Dermatologic Surgery: 2015; 41(3):336-347.

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