Informed Browsing: Know How to Look at Before & After Photos

Informed Browsing: Know How to Look at Before & After Photos

People looking into plastic surgery often spend a lot of time browsing before-and-after photos when they’re researching plastic surgeons to perform their procedure. That’s smart, and it’s something I encourage all of my patients to do. For example, if you’re thinking about getting a tummy tuck in the Scottsdale area, it’s extremely helpful to look at photos that show the actual results of the surgeons you’re considering.

I’ll provide here some helpful tips about how to identify before-and-after photos that can truly help you if you’re considering tummy tuck or body contouring treatments such as liposuction.

Be Picky About Which Photos You View

To be sure you’re looking at the right type of photos, stick to the photos on a surgeon’s website and then ask to see additional photos when you visit the surgeon for a consultation. These surgeon-provided before-and-after photos are the best bet that you’re looking at pictures that accurately represent the procedure you’re researching and the results you can expect.

What to Look for in Before Photos

When you begin viewing photos to envision your own results, be sure to look at patients whom you resemble. People have different body types, and patients pursue tummy tuck or liposuction to address a wide range of concerns. For example, some people have significantly more excess skin than others, so that is something to consider when looking at “before” photos of others.

Be sure to note each person’s transformation from before to after. If you come across photos that reflect the results you desire, make a note of them. Do the same thing with results that you don’t like.

Pay attention to lighting and angles. The conditions under which the before photos are taken should be the same as the after photos.

What to Look for in After Photos

To start with, confirm that you’re seeing the surgeon’s actual patients. Board-certified and ethical plastic surgeons have no problem answering questions about their before-and-after photos.

One of the main concerns I hear from tummy tuck patients relates to how the ultimate scar will look. Therefore, when looking at photos, check to see if the scar is as low as possible on the abdomen.

Be wary if all photos seem perfect. Expect surgeons to display consistently good results, but in some cases, even the best surgeons may not get perfect outcomes. It’s good to see the range of possible results so you have realistic expectations. Ask to see additional photos if only a few are available. Experienced surgeons should have more than enough before-and-after photos to demonstrate a pattern of similar outcomes.

And finally, ask yourself if the results you’re seeing reflect the aesthetic goals you want to achieve. If your idea of a “good” tummy tuck differs from the results you’re seeing online or in the doctor’s office, then you may want to continue looking for a surgeon whose results better match your expectations.

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