Get Up, Stand Up: Recuperation After Brazilian Butt Lift

Get Up, Stand Up Recuperation After Brazilian Butt Lift

Since its rise in its popularity a few years ago, Brazilian butt lift has remained as hot as ever here in Scottsdale. Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, it has a necessary recuperation period — but it’s a bit different from the norm. When most people imagine taking some downtime to rest after surgery, they usually envision kicking back on the couch or propped up in bed. But since Brazilian butt lift involves the part of your body that you typically sit on, recuperation afterward may look a bit different from your plans.

Properly positioning yourself, then, becomes important.

You’ll be able to head home on the same day as your procedure. It’s imperative that a friend or family member helps you get home, since you’ll need to lie on your front side in the car. Throughout the initial phase of your recovery, in fact, you’ll need to put as little pressure on your buttocks as possible. This means you should lie on your abdomen or side while you sleep, and you should maintain the same position while you watch TV or rest.

Don’t mistake that for a license to lie around all day long, though. Even something as simple as walking around the house may feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s important to stay (lightly) mobile because it reduces the risk of blood clots.

Different patients feel ready to return to work and other normal activities at different rates. In my experience, it typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks for my Brazilian butt lift patients to comfortably return to the office. Depending on the type of work you do, a special pillow on your seat can help. If you feel comfortable doing so, it’s helpful to ask your manager about what other accommodations your workplace may be able to provide. Switching to a standing desk, for example, would help keep pressure off of your buttocks for most of the day.

Exercise is a different story. Because the buttocks play such a vital role in stabilizing the body, it’s important to take several weeks away from strenuous activity. This gives the muscles the opportunity to heal undisturbed, resulting in an attractive final outcome (and it’s important to always keep that end goal in mind).

Above all, it’s important to remember that each patient — and each experience — is different. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the specifics of your procedure, and I’ll do my best to ensure you know exactly what to expect.

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